Civil Construction

Civil Construction

We shape environments to improve communities.

Your Trusted Partner in Civil Construction

Civil construction forms the backbone of our communities, shaping the infrastructure that supports our daily lives. At Rutherford Contracting, we specialize in delivering top-quality civil construction services, from site preparation and earthworks to the development of essential infrastructure like roads, utilities, and public spaces.

Why Choose Rutherford Contracting for Civil Construction?

We understand the importance of building infrastructure that is both durable and functional. Our team prioritizes meticulous execution, using high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques. We work closely with you to manage budgets effectively, stay on schedule, and maintain stringent safety standards throughout the project.

Delivering Excellence in Civil Construction

Rutherford Contracting’s commitment extends beyond project completion. We go the extra mile, integrating sustainable practices, minimizing environmental impact, and working collaboratively with communities. Our expertise in permitting, regulations, and project management ensures a smooth and successful construction process.

Trust Rutherford Contracting for your next civil construction project. Contact us today to discover how we deliver innovative solutions and exceptional results.

Sports Fields & Sport Facilities

Transform your community with expertly constructed sports fields and facilities. We create safe, durable, and high-performance spaces that inspire athletes and spectators alike.

New Park Construction

Enhance your community's quality of life with thoughtfully designed parks. We deliver vibrant, accessible, and sustainable green spaces.

Trail Work

Connect your community with nature through carefully constructed trails. We build pathways that promote healthy living, outdoor recreation, and environmental stewardship.

Site Servicing

Lay the foundation for your project's success. Our comprehensive site servicing includes excavation, grading, drainage, and utility installation.

Parking Lot New Construction & Rehabilitation

Ensure safe and efficient parking solutions for your visitors. We build and restore parking lots with durable materials and efficient layouts.

Public Plaza Construction & Restoration of Public Spaces

Revitalize your public spaces for community engagement and economic vitality. We create inviting plazas and restore iconic spaces for everyone.

The Rutherford Edge

Our people are our greatest strength. The Rutherford Contracting QA team is a skilled and dedicated group, committed to excellence in their work.

Quality assurance is our foundation. From the earliest stages of planning, we collaborate with our construction teams to ensure a rigorous, proactive approach to every challenge. Our goal is to guarantee the success of your project.

At Rutherford Contracting, we get the job done right. We’re involved from start to finish, dedicated to minimizing errors and eliminating the need for costly rework.

Quality is the core of our commitment. Our decades of experience and multidisciplinary approach ensure we deliver on our promises, ensuring your project fulfills its potential.