Are you interested in working with us?
If so, there are some facts you should know…


Rutherford is growing

We’ve hired more people than have ever worked here before and we’re completing more projects than ever before! This growth is exposing us to new challenges, projects and processes.

Rutherford’s projects are really interesting

You know what the best part about the construction industry is? You actually get to see the finished product of your efforts. You can take your family to Lakeside Park to play in the splash pad we installed, play baseball at a diamond we put in, or maybe drop your kids off at a school that we renovated. Everyone at Rutherford plays an important role and has contributed on some level to the success of our projects. We’re looking for people that feel a sense of pride in their contributions to the projects we build.

Rutherford wants to hire people for the long term

Our strategy is to find the right people, and take the time to develop them alongside our industry partners. Rutherford completes hundreds of projects a year- this allows us to expose people to many different types of projects, challenges

Rutherford takes your safety seriously

Rutherford has an industry leading CoR certified safety program, and has a near perfect safety record. That isn't by coincidence- nothing is more important than the safety of the people that work with us.

What Rutherford Values in Their People

Problem Solvers – On Rutherford’s projects, we’re expected to bring a level of technical competence. Typically, owners and consultants have the vision of the final product, but they need us to tell them how the project comes together. Inevitably, constructability, scheduling and resources issues arise on the jobsite. We want people that take the initiative to solve these problems.

Confidence – Our projects have compressed schedules with tight deadlines. We want people that can make tough decisions under pressure with the best available information.

Self-Awareness Can you take advice well? Do you act on the wisdom and suggestions of others? Are you aware of the limits of your abilities and knowledge? Rutherford’s greatest strength is its people. We have found through decades of trial and error that the most successful projects that a single person cannot effectively complete a project. We need to rely on each other, and we need people to realize when they require support from others.

HonestyWe have a deep network of clients, subcontractors and other industry partners that have learned from years of working with us that Rutherford is a trustworthy company. We want people that maintain that reputation.

‘Get-It-Done’ MentalityWhen a person displays an urgency to get something done and takes a personal stake in the outcome, the project is successful ten times out of ten.

People Who Put Safety as a Top PriorityOur goal is to ensure that our employees, subcontractors and industry partners go home safely every night. Jobsite accidents don’t just affect the victim. The families, coworkers and witnesses have to deal with the aftermath as well. Nothing is more important than safety on the jobsite.

Customer Service FocusedClients hire Rutherford Contracting because they expect a certain level of construction expertise. We value people that are able to use that expertise to solve problems for clients and consultants. We don’t complain when things get rough. We find solutions.

Proactive ThoughtThe construction industry requires perpetual preplanning to ensure things run smoothly. Have you ordered your long lead items? Is your spray-foam guy getting onsite before the mason? Is your traffic control plan in place? Simply put- when construction professions act proactively instead of reactively, projects are successful.

Are you a student?

Rutherford Contracting is always looking for students interested in project management, site supervision and the trades. If you’re looking for a co-op or short term employment, apply here.