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Barrie Fire Stations 3 & 4


The Corporation of the City of Barrie


Ted Handy & Associates

This lump sum Design-Build project for the City of Barrie involved the synchronous interior renovations of two Fire Stations, 3 & 4. Station 3 is located at 340 Big Bay Point Rd and was the larger of the two stations (7000 sf) as it had formerly accommodated two fire crews. Station 4 is located at 250 Ardagh Rd and was a smaller (6300 sf), single fire crew station. Both buildings were built in the 1990’s and were in need of an upgrade. Rutherford retained Ted Handy & Associates to develop the design & permit documents and also took on responsibility for contract administration and architectural general review.

 Project requirements for each station included substantial reconfigurations of the floor plans to make them barrier free accessible and improve general flow for faster access to the truck bays from the living quarters when crews are dispatched for emergencies. Living quarters were modernized and durable finishes were introduced throughout each facility as they are in use 24/7. Emergency facilities also require back up power and the original natural gas generators (for emergency power only) at each facility were replaced with new diesel generators to accommodate full building electrical loads. 

 Throughout construction, Rutherford was able to keep both stations fully operational by use of temporary trailers for fire crew living quarters, temporary generators to maintain power back up in the event of a power loss when electrical upgrades were taking place, and phasing renovations in the truck bays to allow the trucks and other fire equipment to be accessible at all times.

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