Rutherford Contracting is very proud of it’s safety program. As of March 2017, Rutherford became one of the first 200 contractors in Ontario to be certified by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association’s Certificate of Recognition Program. This program requires extensive internal and external audits that are conducted regularly.
Rutherford Contracting has partnered with the Ontario General Contractor’s Association by joining the League of Champions, which promotes health and safety awareness

Rutherford Contracting strongly believes that the success of our company is not just measured in dollars and cents, but also by the health and well being of our employees, co-workers, colleagues and their families. In order to honour that commitment, we have developed an industry leading Health and Safety Program.

As of March 2017, Rutherford Contracting has become one of the first contractors in Ontario to gain the Certificate of Recognition (CoR) from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA). The Certificate of Recognition program certifies contractors in Ontario who adhere to strict health and safety program. The program consists of the creation and maintenance of health and safety policy, record keeping and providing evidence, and constant auditing. As of 2020, we have revamped our safety program to meet the requirements of the new CoR 2020 in order to achieve provincial and nation accreditation. The CoR 2020 program brings our safety program in alignment with several provincial programs- including the Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers (SOSE), Health and Safety Excellence Program, and the Stages of Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEP). By pursuing the CoR 2020 designation, Rutherford Contracting continues to be an industry leader in adapting Health and Safety strategies. 

The results of Rutherford’s health and safety program are evident. The WSIB and the IHSA have both recognized our safety statistics, and Rutherford has won several safety awards, including the Ontario General Contractors Association Doug Chalmers Award for Safety Leadership and the Distinguished Achievement in Health and Safety Award for over 1,000,000 hour worked without injury (2008-2020).

As part of our Social Responsibility Program, Rutherford Contracting adapted an Environmental Management Program based on the ISO14001 model. This program ensures that we set realistic environmental targets, site-specific environmental controls, carbon footprint reductions, environmental inspections/auditing and training initiatives.

In 2019, Rutherford Contracting adapted a Quality Management system based on the ISO9001 certification. Rutherford’s senior management developed the Quality Management Program (QMP), which will deliver a higher quality product to our clients. This program includes management strategies, task-specific quality field inspections, the establishment of a Quality Management Committee and training initiatives.

Rutherford Contracting also believes in promoting Health and Safety awareness within our communities, and consequently has join the OGCA’s League of Champions. The League of Champions provides education for young workers in regards to health and safety challenges.

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