Two Seasonal Tennis Bubbles at Reesor Park

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The construction of infrastructure and ancillaries for the installation and operation of two seasonal air supported structures on existing tennis courts at Reesor Park located at 73 Wootten Way North, Markham, Ontario. The work included; excavation of an existing tennis court, preserving the tennis court around the excavation, installation of a grade beam for an air dome for a tennis court, installation of unit paving, asphalt, and concrete surfaces. There were also upgrades to the existing lighting on site which require running new conduits in and around the grade beam and landscape areas to accommodate new light poles and pathway lights. Around the perimeter of the dome there was 10ft chain link fencing, with various sleeves, person gates, and maintenance gates. Outside of the tennis domes we installed a granular, concrete, and ecoraster pathway (that will be used for fire access).

Owner – City of Markham / Premier Racquet Club

Consultant – Landscape Planning Ltd