Seneca College

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Seneca Newnham

The projects completed at the Seneca College Newnham Campus included a renovation of their building ‘D’, cafeteria & corridor, chemistry lab, renovation of Senecentre, renovation of a dance studio, and renovation of their International Student Services area.

Seneca Markham

Work carried out at Seneca College Markham Campus included an extensive transformation & upgrade to their 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th floors where existing office spaces were converted to classrooms and executive offices. Other work areas included the conversion of their underground parking lot into Student Lecture Hall, Server Room Alterations, extensive mechanical and electrical upgrades including installation of a new cooling tower and dry coolers, new air conditioning units and diesel generator, conversion of existing fire alarm system, as well as outdoor walkway and lighting installations.

Seneca @ York

Projects at Seneca @ York Campus included a Welcome Centre renovation, creation of a First Aid Room, and conversion of an existing multiple occupancy washroom to a single occupancy Universal Washroom and single occupancy Men’s Washroom.

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