Riverwood Park

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This project at Riverwood Park is based on a series of projects initiated by a grant from the Federal Government for Canada 150. Landscape projects include landscaping for a new entrance gateway with a commissioned art piece and landscape upgrades around the historical Chappell House. Facilities projects at Chappell House include change of use works to allow a portion of the building to be used as a classroom, HVAC upgrades to have the building run on natural gas in lieu of the present oil heating system, historical window repairs/replacements to improve energy efficiency and carport waterproofing work to preserve the historical wall structure of the carport. This project also involved work at the Visual Arts Mississauga building where an additional sliding door was installed to allow for future 24hr access to public washrooms, as well as lighting upgrades in the washrooms for energy efficiency. These projects are all scheduled to be completed before July 1 2017 in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Owner – City of Mississauga

Consultant – ATA Architect Inc.