Memorial Square & Meridian Place

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Memorial Square and Meridian Place involved the construction of a civic square with two distinct areas called Memorial Square and Meridian Place in the core of downtown Barrie. This new space was designed with focuses in mind: 1. A civil public space the community can enjoy and; 2. The significance of saluting the soldiers who risked their lives in the Vimy Ridge Battle, and for those who lost theirs. Memorial Square involved the relocation of an existing historic monument to a more central location within the square and the construction of an elegant plaza that will serve as host to events of historic significance. Meridian Square involved the construction of a fabric covered performance stage for different types of events, concerts in particular. The functionality of the space is intended to be flexible to allow for varied programming and be able to host both large and small events.

Owner: City of Barrie

Consultant: PMA Landscape Architects