Expansion to Existing Commercial Building for Retail – 65 First Street Collingwood

By January 13, 2020 No Comments

This project is to construct a commercial retail unit adjacent to the existing building. The challenge is to maintain the flow of business in the existing unit, which is a very busy Starbucks, while constructing the new building. There are underground services to go in, while keeping enough parking spaces for the business. This required re-working the surface area two or three times for traffic flow and parking spaces.  The final service work will allow for future development on the west side of the property as well. The other challenge is to build during a winter season that can create significant delays at times. In addition to the new building, we had to modify the roof of the existing building for snow loads on the roof, and also the adjoining common wall for fire separation. At the end, the new building will have a consistent look in keeping with the historical attributes of the community.

Owner: Nutak Holdings Ltd/Cantwell Development Corp

Consultant: The Architect Builders Collaborative