DesJardines Park Improvements

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This project consist of the construction of a new splash pad, shade structure, and reconstruction of playground. The work included, site preparation, layout, site protection barrier, tree protection fencing, erosion control measures. Earthworks included clearing and grubbing, demolition and removals, rough grading and excavation. Site Servicing and Electrical included sub-surface drainage system, new water service and water service cabinet, storm sewers, maintenance holes and drainage structures, electrical, etc. – Playground included new playground equipment, playground safety surface c/w wear mats, concrete ramps and concrete playground border. Shade structure was a prefabricated pavilion and site furnishings included benches, bike rack, picnic table, bottle filler c/w drinking and pet fountains – Hardscape – asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, armourstone walls, decorative boulders. Planting and Restoration included fine grading and topsoil application, planting bed preparation, tree planting, shrub and ornamental grass planting, sod restoration.

Owner – City of Burlington

Consultant – Harrington McAvan Ltd.