Advent Child Care Facility (Landscaping)

By October 8, 2020 No Comments

The outdoor work involves an array of skills, materials and finishes/furniture to complete a wonderful play area for the kids attending the facility. Along with the above ground facilities, the Storm Water management for the site was upgraded with the changes being made to the existing surfacing. Additional lighting along the walkway to the site, including a light pole and 2 pedestrian walkway bollards. The furnishings include 2 storage sheds, 2 custom built gazebos, various sensory activities for the day care children. The outdoor area, although it was a small area, composed of asphalt, concrete paving & sidewalk, rubberized playground surfacing, a sand play area, and sod. For a small outdoor area, the work involved is as complex with as many tasks as the interior space. After exterior work was complete the client decided that they wanted a drop-off road where children and staff can be dropped off. In all, a challenging and existing project to be working on.

Owner: Advent Health Care Corporation

Consultant: MC Architects Inc.