Building relationships through our projects and our people

Company History

Established in 1971 as Rutherford Contracting Services, the organization was created by Dick Rutherford as a small civil, renovation and maintenance contracting company.  Although Dick retired in 1989, the organization has continued to grow under the leadership of both Principals and Management, to establish Rutherford Contracting Ltd. as the company many know and recognize today as the Contractor of choice for Owners and Consultants in the construction industry.  We owe our over 40 years of success to those who have and continue to trust and support our commitment to service, as well as those on our team who have committed themselves to delivering not just a good product, but a great experience as well.

Principal Fields of Activity

Rutherford Contracting Ltd. is a General Building and Site Development Contractor. We service the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of the industry. Our building construction division specializes in the renovation and addition of educational facilities, as well as the restoration of historically significant structures. Our site development division includes civil and infrastructure contracts, park and athletic sports field construction, trail construction, and re-naturalization/habitat construction. We also operate a small projects division to cater to the ongoing maintenance needs of our Clients.

Services Provided

General Contracting – Building Construction
Construction and Project Management
Site Development – Civil works and Landscape
Construction Maintenance/Small Projects